At Caprola Squad, we want you to Do More with less Breakthrough. We know you’re asked to deliver more for your brands with fewer resources, less money, and even less time. But have you ever noticed that resources, time, and money aren’t an issue when there’s a truly breakthrough idea? While most marketers are concentrating on “with less”, we help you focus on “doing more”. Because only a truly breakthrough idea will get you breakthrough returns.

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Caprola Squad keeps you confident that your Brand, Product or Service is Current In Culture. A lot of agencies talk about a “target market” or “target audience”. But we never lose sight of the fact that we’re talking about people. When we create, we tap into shared human experiences and values and use these to drive well-executed ideas. We love conversation, and more importantly, we enjoy listening.

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Caprola Squad is just the right size, Nimble yet Powerful. We hire intellectually curious, idea-driven people that love being sponges for culture. We then mix ‘n’ match them to create a custom squad of talent for each client. The result is a catalyst for new ways of thinking that can achieve the kind of breakthrough ideas that expands your business.

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Culture Heroes: Creative Squad

Our creative squad wields swords in the form of sharpies, skillfully used for killer solutions. From writing television scripts to writing PHP scripts, our Culture Heroes can keep your brand relevant in the culture slaying dragons (and a few sacred cows) along the way.

Execution Heroes: Production Squad

Sometimes dragons aren’t the problem. It’s gremlins. You know, like finding acting talent that’s within budget. Or managing all the moving parts of a television spot. Or keeping vendors on-task and happy. Don’t let them throw a wrench in your production: our Execution Heroes have loads of experience in Radio, Television, and Internet Advertising. We can assist in vendor management, workflow management, and over scale negotiation, with both domestic and international production.

Management Heroes: Brand Asset Squad

Every now and then you need more than your average run-of-the-mill hero. You need a true philosopher king, someone who understands you, your product, your brand… and your audience. Someone who doesn’t just overcome obstacles, but guides you into the Golden Age. Our management heroes are accomplished, idea-driven, innovative executives with experience in growing brands. We can help collect consumer insights, suggest product innovation, and deploy integrated marketing programs. The Golden Age is nigh.

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