Caprola Squad – Sports Advertising in Chicago

We don’t just talk big, we are big, and now we are pumped to say that we have set up shop in one of the greatest sports cities in the US — Chicago! We have worked with famous athletes and massive sports brands since our opening, and now, being in the city that gave us the Chicago Bears, the Bulls, the Blackhawks, the Cubs and the White Sox, what’s not to get hyped up and excited about?

Just like The United Center, we don’t just host one event. We take sports advertising to the next level and give our clients the full package.

Our morals and ideals when working towards your vision aren’t fashioned from something brittle like wood, but instead fashioned from solid concrete. The concrete is cruel on our bodies and doesn’t take mercy on us — neither does the sports industry. But, we have the experience to take you to the next level and make all of your hard work worth it.

We live and breathe the game. We don’t just spew out high-end sports ads for the fun of it! We do it because we are experts in and love the sports and advertising industry. We know it like an aspiring athlete knows the streets they played and dreamed in.

We can be your power hitter, not even afraid to put in the extra hours to get you a scoring position.

Read What Our Clients Are Saying About Us…

Allan and the team at Caprola do a wonderful job with sports marketing. I cannot recommend them enough!
Alex Wolk – Founder

Win With Star-Quality Sports Advertising

It is in your best interests as an athlete, brand and or service to work with a company that employs top marketing tactics and tools. We make sure you are at the top of the game in every aspect of our work with you.

We have everything you need to be able to make jaw-dropping ads, from crystal clear images to dope social integration and connections, to get you noticed in all the right ways. Caprola Squad stays up to date with the latest computer graphics and marketing software, video and photo equipment. We can bring to you the talent and expertise needed to promote and propel your career in every way you could want.


Bring Your A-Game to the World With our ‘Bigger-Than-The-Super-Bowl’ Services!

We don’t have one star player and a lackluster background team when it comes to the services we provide, no no, we have the whole A-Team of services to make you… straight-up… bigger than the Super Bowl!

Design & Print Advertising

Yes, it might be old school, but imagery is one of the most powerful ways you can appeal to an audience, most customers make a decision about a product within the first ten seconds of seeing a campaign. It’s the same principle as if you were meeting someone for the first time, so the way you present yourself is vital!

We have worked with massive names such as Gatorade and Quakers Oats to makes sure their standard of excellence is maintained, and we want to do the same for you.

  • Newspaper Ads
  • Magazine Ads
  • Billboard Ads
  • Direct Mail Marketing Materials
  • Contact Cards
  • Brochures
  • Book & eBook Ads
  • Online Banners
  • Website Design
  • Landing Page Creation
  • Capture Forms
  • SMS and MMS Messaging
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • PPC Ads
  • Event Marketing

Digital Marketing

Everybody knows that unless you have a presence online, you won’t get very far! All of our team are experts in sports marketing and advertising. We know the keywords to implement into your webpages to get you showing up in search engines, we know the buzzwords and trends to get you spotted online consistently!

This isn’t just limited to websites and computer based programs, but we can also develop content to be displayed on tablets, phones and even potentially help you to create an app so that you and your brand can be accessed from anywhere at any time!

Social Media Marketing

With the opportunity to broadcast live on many social media platforms, they make a great resource for any sports person or brand, as you can hype up a crowd at the same moment as all the action is going on!

This is a vital tool for helping keep your presence relevant and to help you to attain sponsors and gain a large fan base.

  • Social Media Audit
  • Profile Creation
  • SMM Strategy
  • Targeted Advertising
  • Post Scheduling
  • Content Creation
  • Real-Time Engagement

Sports Advertising Consulting

In addition to everything advertising consists of, we can help with negotiations, PR prospects, contracts, and event arrangements. You deserve to always be informed so you can make the best career decisions. Building a brand from the bottom up can seem really challenging, but it is your job to rise to the task with the help of counsel.

We know that the lives of a sportsperson can be crazy busy! So we offer one-to-one consultation services, either in person or via virtual and telephone based services to work around you. We cut no corners when it’s your reputation on the line.

With this valuable resource, you can have all your burning questions and suggestions heard and answered with expert knowledge. We can advise you and help you to find sponsorship opportunities, find connections in the right places and help you build an industry smashing network of collaborators.

It’s all about brand recognition and getting your name out there. Making sure you get the best deal for you, so we can also aid you with PR solutions, contracts and contract negotiations and helping you find the best suited events to get you the right kind of coverage.

You can rest assured you will always be kept in the loop, so you are in control of where your athletic journey takes you.

Let the game begin!

Find out what we can do for you today and help us make you a part of the winning team. Contact us at our Chicago office using the form below:


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