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8 Marketing Apps Every CMO Needs in 2016

Every CMO in today’s digital age is finding the importance of mobile applications to be a critical part in their daily work life. Last year we looked at the 8 Marketing Apps CMOs needed for 2015 (many of which you could keep using), but I wanted to give you 8 more to look at adding to your app arsenal. Staying current in culture is one of the missions of the Caprola Squad and these apps are going to help me stay that way in 2016.

1. Feedly

A big part of any chief marketing officer’s job is to stay up-to-date on what’s happening in many different industries. A great way to stay current is by reading blogs from industries influencers and insiders, competitors, news stations, and more. Feedly allows you to “read more, know more” by keeping all of your subscriptions in one news feed that you can separate by topic. Feedly is a news aggregator application that runs on your mobile on the web.

2. LinkedIn

There are a lot of different social networks but for any CMO, LinkedIn should be your go-to platform. This professional network allows you to connect with employees, business partners, your marketing team, and other professional contacts. Remember, LinkedIn isn’t just a great place to find new recruits; it’s a networking tool that also allows you to establish yourself as an expert in your industry by using the LinkedIn Publisher tool.

3. Sprout Social

Social media management and monitoring has become an essential aspect of any CMO’s digital marketing toolbox. Keeping in touch while on the go is something that can be done with ease with Sprout Social’s mobile app. With the app you can view and respond to messages, see all of your scheduled posts, view analytics on sent messages, schedule, queue and draft new messages, and assign tasks to your team.

4. Mention

Not every discussion of your company or brand will happen with your username or page tagged during online conversations. The mention app allows you to never miss a conversation and you get notifications in real-time so you never miss an opportunity. Mention allows you to also see which mentions come from influencers or potential and current brand ambassadors, and, in turn, helps grow your community. Take this monitoring on the go with the mobile app.

5. EveryoneSocial

Part of a CMO’s role is to manage a team and one of the most underutilized forms of marketing is employee advocacy. EveryoneSocial helps companies use their employees to spread company messages. This tool increases employee engagement and helps your team also build their personal brands. The app allows you to add sources of content to your personal stream, share articles and queue content, create conversations with employees, and suggest approved content to your team.

6. Evernote

Taking notes at meetings, conferences, or creating task lists can all be done in Evernote. You can save articles, share with others, and tag your notes with keywords to find later. Evernote syncs from your phone to tablet to computer so you always have access to your content. And CMO’s will especially enjoy the business card manager function that allows you to save business cards with contact information right to your phone instead of having thousands of business cards taking up space in your wallet or ending up in the trash.

7. GoToMeeting

Attending virtual meetings on the go is made easy using the GoToMeeting app. You can join, host, and schedule sessions from your phone or tablet. GoToMeeting even has a new function that allows you to start a meeting on your phone and then transfer it to your computer which comes in handy when you’re running behind and that meeting is going to start any minute.

8. Asana

Project management apps are important for every CMO. Last year I recommended Slack, but Asana is also a great option that I wanted to highlight. The Asana app allows you to see what’s due today, get updates on what your team is working on, add tasks and reminders, converse with your team, and keep tabs on all of your projects. Keep projects on task, your team on point, and do it all from your mobile device.

These are the 8 marketing apps I see making a big impact on CMOs in 2016. What apps will you be using?

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