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We The Squad

The definition of a squad is group of individuals working to achieve a common goal. Now contemplate on that statement for a moment…

Picture a squad of firefighters whom had no prior training just thrown into the fire and told to put it out. They were just thrown together without ever working with one another. Who has experience with water pressure? Who will charge the hose line? Who will walk into the burning building to put out the fire without proper fire training tactics? Without the properly trained squad to attack and find solutions to all your needs you are throwing money at a group of individuals not set with the idea of achieving your goal.

The Caprola Squad is a singular organization whose primary focus is attaining clients’ objectives, highlighting their accomplishments, and extinguishing any characteristics not in line with their core principles.

Whether you need a PR fire put out, or a digital Listening Tool solution, The Caprola Squad is battle tested. From our Culture Heroes, to our Brand Asset Managers, we have perfected our craft through the hands of time, properly identifying with what is truly in the minds of consumers.

Its what we do, its what we trained for and its how we live. Through the fire, we remain a Squad! The Caprola Squad.

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